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Organization Development CoP

"Change is inevitable. Change is constant." -Benjamin Disraeli

Organizational Development can be defined as an organization wide planned change resulting in increased organization effectiveness by applying behavioral-science knowledge.

Driving planned and sustained organizational change is a multifaceted dynamic discipline that requires practitioners to provide agile, impactful solutions. Staying abreast of current trends, emerging thought leaders and connecting with peers to explore best practices is critical to maintaining your competitive advantage and delivering value to your clients.

The ROCATD revived Organization Development Community of Practice (CoP) will work to address this challenge, seeking to expand your knowledge, experience, challenges and share best practices.

We will meet at Medaille College, 1880 S. Winton Rd, 14618 near 590S.

We ask that you come prepared to share expectations, ideas and suggestions for the CoP and future topics, key challenges in the marketplace and a best practice.

Medaille is in the second building on the right (vending machines and a microwave are available).

We look forward to connecting!

JoAnne Sims




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