Answers to 10 Thorniest Questions in Learning and Training - The Root Causes and Solutions

  • Wed, July 06, 2022
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Answers to 10 Thorniest Questions in Learning and Training - The Root Causes and Solutions

Session Description
OH YES! I hear and answer these questions almost every day. Some questions are basic, others are difficult. But most come from the same root causes. As the saying goes, “The ship has sailed without them”. A lot has changed in Learning and Development philosophy and principles, but many continue to ask old questions.  More often,  the cause is that many who asked these questions have not changed their assumptions. However, the consequences of not finding answers to the thorniest questions and applying the solutions impede learners’ ability to learn, contribute, and have passion in what they do. Unanswered questions damage our capacity to design, develop, and implement training and learning. 
We will discuss and share insights into the following thorniest questions.  
  1. “What if they don’t know what they don’t know?”
  2. “I have to spoon feed my learners.”
  3. “My SME (subject matter expert) wants ALL content to be covered.”
  4. “My LMS is as old as my grandmother.”
  5. “Learners don’t want to do pre and post-work?”
  6. “They don’t answer chat questions.”
  7. “They are silent, shy, not participating, and really dud learners.”
  8. “We must always test people.”
  9. “I don’t know if my learners are learning.”
  10. “Our technology is so behind. We still use Excel to report tracking, telephone conference calls for training, and paper and pencil in our exercises. No ZOOM, no LMS, etc., etc.”

Source Training Mag Webinar - Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.
Architect of
Chief Learning Officer of Vignettes Learning

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