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ROC ATD Communities of Practice

Don’t miss out on one of the great benefits of membership in ROCATD!

ROCATD is committed to providing vital professional resources in the Rochester region for workplace learning, employee and organization development.  That’s why we offer our members ongoing professional development opportunities, speaker events, networking programs and Communities of Practice (CoPs). These offerings help our members gain the knowledge and build the skills necessary to deal with the complexities of a changing workforce.

ROCATD CoPs provide the opportunity for chapter members with similar professional development interests to come together to share best practices, discuss learning trends, exchange ideas as well as challenge their own paradigms.  Each CoP meeting starts with time for members and guests to network and get to know each other.  CoP meetings are generally less formal and less structured than regular chapter programs/events. Meetings may consist of general member discussion or include a guest presentation.  Meeting topics are identified by member participants and are selected to meet CoPs member interest/needs.

We’re challenging our members to take their professional development to the next level by learning about the rich offerings our CoPs deliver and the wealth of information available from the ATD National’s Communities of Practice (CoPs).

Please take a few minutes to read about the CoPs below and check out ATD's CoPs.

When asked why they attend, our CoP participants say...

  • "To discuss current issues."
  • "To share experiences."
  • "To learn best practices."
  • "To benchmark."
  • "To network."

CoPs are included in the local chapter membership for ROCATD members. Guests may attend up to two CoP meetings at no charge before joining the chapter.

Click any CoP to learn more.

Corporate Learning & Development Council CoP

If you are interested in starting a new CoP and or CoP leadership opportunities, please contact the VP for Professional Development.  You can download the ROCATD SIGGuide2016.pdf for more information.


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