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  • Tue, December 13, 2022
  • 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM


Pandemic ripple effects continue, and folk are leaving jobs left and right. HOWEVER, one group of people have been clamoring to get in...Disabled people! And those that are in the workforce, are eager to fully share their talents and innovation.

In the before times, 70% of reasonable accommodations for remote work that went into litigation were denied. Yet, pandemic responses have proven that remote and flexible work arrangements were not an undue hardship, but rather a boon for business around the world.

Yet stigmas persist and employment outcomes for disabled people are not on par with their nondisabled peers. Here is a highly valuable, untapped market that can help address the ongoing talent gap.

But how do you gain, retain, and promote this unseen workforce?

In this workshop we will focus on real life strategies for inclusion of disabled people in every facet of your organization or business. We will examine barriers and how to address them in the Talent Development field.

Meet our Presenter:

Luticha Andre Doucette is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Consulting, an evidence-based intersectional equity and inclusion partner for nonprofits, municipalities, and small businesses seeking to jumpstart rethinking their ethos through training, guides, and support resources with a disability justice framework. 

She is an award-winning disability justice expert and has authored many publications including “Cultivating an Intersectional Mindset: Transform your leadership in 30 days” and “Inclusion Now! an Inclusive Jumpstart Plan for Business”.  In 2017 she authored a report on wage disparities across race, gender, and disability in Rochester and Monroe County in conjunction with the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative and in 2018 & 2022 authored follow-up reports on employment barriers for disabled people in Rochester and Monroe County. She is a Graduate of RIT and completed a fellowship with University of Rochester.

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